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Veteran’s Transportation Service

P.A.C.S. Transportation is devoted to serving those who have served us by providing low cost and cost free transportation for Veterans of the United States Military. Transportation to and from medical services, school, employment, and other activities has become difficult for many Veterans due to a disability, illness, or financial hardship.

At this time, P.A.C.S. Transportation is providing transportation to and from medical, and medically related, appointments at a reduced rate of $1.00 per mile. One escort may accompany the veteran for a charge of $1.00 per mile. Any additional riders are required to pay the current rates for public transportation (see rate chart below). To ensure that your trip is approved and there is space on our Veteran dedicated vehicles, you must call with a minimum 24 hours in advance. Please Note:  There is now a three (3) mile minimum/$3.00 minimum per one-way trip

To find out if you are eligible for P.A.C.S. Transportation’s Veteran’s Program, contact us at 270- 886-6641 or 1-800-467-4601 and ask for the Veterans Program representative.

Public Transportation Rates:

In County Trips          $ 1.25     per mile per person

Out of County Trips    $ 1.50     per mile per person

Three (3) mile minimum/$3.75 minimum one-way trip

ADA Accessible vehicles available upon request

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