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Medical Voucher Program - NEW!

Medical Voucher Program

Need help with your medical transportation? Ask to be a MVP!

Call your local transportation office with details of your in-county or adjacent county medical transportation needs and you may qualify for a free ride to your doctor visit! Check out the MVP tab under Transportation for more details!

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Our Mission
The mission of Pennyrile Allied Community Services, Inc. is to reduce and eliminate poverty by providing the opportunity for education, training, work and the opportunity to live with dignity and decency.  This philosophy focuses on self-sufficiency for the client and the reduction of dependency where possible.

In carrying out the acknowledged mission, the key elements in the functions and operations of PACS are:

a. To coordinate human service efforts throughout the Pennyrile Area to avoid duplication, improve delivery of services and relate programs to one another;

b. To plan and evaluate long range and short range strategies for overcoming poverty in the Pennyrile Area;

c. To mobilize public and private resources in support of low income and elderly programs;

d. To encourage participation, to the maximum degree feasible, by low-income residents of communities in the development and operation of community action programs for their betterment;

e. To collect and assemble pertinent information and data available from all agencies of the State, Federal and local governments, as well as private agencies, concerning issues of elderly and poverty and disseminate such information to interested parties;

f. To provide technical assistance, directly or through service contracts, and to improve and enhance programs of a human service nature;

g. To measure and evaluate, directly or through contracts, the impact of the human service efforts in order to determine the effectiveness of programs in achieving state goals, impact on related programs, and the structure and mechanism for the delivery of services; and

h. To coordinate and mobilize volunteers to enhance human service programs and promote community services.
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